About KBK


Mission Statement

At Father Keith B. Kenny, our mission is to foster a safe, supportive school community that embraces and celebrates diversity while simultaneously providing every student with rigorous instructional experiences to maximize their learning.  In partnership with families, we are committed to empowering students to achieve academic excellence and to develop social awareness skills, critical thinking skills, and strong character.

Vision Statement

At Father Keith B. Kenny, our vision is to cultivate scholars of rectitude and academic excellence through:
   - superior instructional experiences
   - engaging learning opportunities
   - social and emotional support
   - restorative practices
   - parental involvement
   - celebration of diversity and inclusivity
   - high expectations in academics
   - high expectations of behavior
   - positive behavior reinforcement

KBK Pledge

I pledge today to do my best, 
in Reading, Math and all the rest. 
I promise to obey the rules, 
in my class and in my school. 
I’ll respect myself and others, too. 
I’ll try my best in all I do. 
I’m here to learn all that I can, 
and be the Bee I know I am.